Bad Dream

Last night I had a plane crash dream. I was on the plane. My girlfriend says she has lots of violent dreams in which she’s stabbed or falls to her death. She says she doesn’t end up carrying them around with her all day. My nasty dreams usually involve more psychological worries and terrors like missing a deadline and then transferring the dream’s anxiety onto my waking life’s problems. These negative feelings can haunt my entire day, drawing a negative pallor over my emotions and thoughts. Luckily those dreams don’t come around too often. Many of my dreams involve me flying, but not on a plane. I can glide through the air without the restraints of gravity. They usually have a positive feeling about them. Interesting, their positive resonance is not as impactful on my days as the negative ones.

This one last night had me participate in a crash. I remember knowing that something was wrong and feeling the plane falling. I next remember seeing the plane touching the ground without landing gear. My perspective was from outside the plane now, but I think it was like another camera angle rather than me being out of the plane. I was still in the plane. Like many dreams the images are fleeting and disconnected, so the next image I have is the plane skidding along a narrow laneway between two farmers’ fields lined with telephone poles. I remember thinking “hmm I guess the wings are gone for us to fit through here.” But it was definitely still the plane rather than transforming into a bus or a train. Now the next phase of the dream is the passengers off the plane and trying to find a car rental agency. And the only thing I salvaged from my luggage was a shop-vac! I love dreams. They’re so weird.

When I told my girlfriend about the car rental agency. All she said was “so it was more about inconvenience than anything else.” I’m not one to really examine any meaning behind dreams. There was no emotional legacy of this dream on my day.


2 thoughts on “Bad Dream

  1. Sometimes I wonder about the genesis of bad dreams. There is this theory that dreams are the way our minds work out problems, or practices dealing with an issue, when we are not really aware of it. Some dreams seem to bear that out – you know, the missing an exam dreams when you are under a lot of stress, or dreaming about someone you have conflict with. Then there are those bad dreams which sort of lean toward the idea that they are really just the product of indigestion or random neuron firing. I would submit that my biggest childhood nightmares support both camps. In one, I was being thrown out into a dumpster, oddly enough around the time that I would have figured out that I was getting a baby sibling. Much food for the therapist there! The other one is just funny. I am 6, running around on the rims of black garbage bins (theme?), but these ones are filled with candy, and I am being chased by an alligator. I blame Denis Lee for that one. I blame you for the other…

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